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Our Services

Custom Tiny Homes And DIY Shells 

We offer fully customizable built tiny homes catered to your wants and needs.

We also offer DIY shells, with complete framing, full hardware, sheer walls, and all underground plumbing. 

AirBNB and Communities

Got a chunk of land? We are here to help you get your AirBNB or maybe even a Tiny Home community ideas up and running


Start Ups

After you have purchase your order you may need some help getting it ready for action, we can help with leveling, connections, all your basic start up needs!

Under Ground Utilities 

Bought a piece of land or have a piece and don’t know how you’re going to get your utilities to your new home, look no further we are here to help. Running electrical, water lines we can do it all

Custom Decks

We do offer the idea of a custom deck or porch in front of your tiny home, custom built to the size and material of your choosing. 

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